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for Teams

SpreadSheetSpace for Teams allows you to create a team with users chosen by you and to share information only with them. You’ll also be able to chose what each user can and cannot do and to use other SpreadSheetSpace tools.

Available plans

$/mo or $/yr

$ / 30 days

  • Users
  • Actions per hour
  • Views per User


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  • 50+ Users
  • 200+ Actions per hour
  • 500+ Views per User

Team Management

With SpreadSheetSpace for Teams you are in total control of the people and the data and you have an isolated environment which gives you and your teammates an online private SpreadSheetSpace instance to work on.

Choose what each teammate can do, give them access to more capabilities, upgrade them to administrators or provide them with access to SpreadSheetSpace most advanced features.

SpreadSheetSpace Sync

Sync is a SpreadSheetSpace feature which allows you to fill a spreadsheet with information obtained from any source with just a bit of code.

Synchronize any Software Platform with your team worksheets and provide everyone with the most updated information.

All your team data is secure and encryped and only you and tour teammates can have access to it.

Scalability is essential to us and we try to make everything smooth and reactive.

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