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Excel sheets over the Internet. The fastest way to collaborate with other people. Stop sending your files over Email! Offer Live Updates to Your Collaborators


Use Excel like you always did! Avoid MultipleCopies/Versions of Excel Files


Keep Control on Your Data! Want to share only part of your worksheet? You can! Choose between sharing a range of cells, a table or a full sheet! Manage who can see your data!

What is SpreadSheetSpace?

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SpreadSheet synchronization

Seamlessly synchronize your worksheets with others’.

Each time a user updates his or her worksheets the other users will receive the updates with no effort

It's Excel

SpreadSheetSpace works on top of Excel, so you’re not going to lose any feature and you’ll keep working in the Excel powerful environment on your laptop

Share a worksheet

Need to work on something with other people? Share a worksheet and start working together!

It's safe

With SpreadSheetSpace your data is safe.

The data is encrypted and only you and the people you choose to share it with can read it.

Want to have everything at hand? Choose an on-site private installation and we’ll help you set it up!

Real-Time data

When you work with others, all the updates happen in realtime, so that all the worksheets will contain the most up-to-date data available without any effort.

No more emails

Keep a single version of the truth.

With SpreadSheetSpace you always have the latest version of the information and you’ll never have to deal with finding the correct version received through emails, USB stick, chats or other services.

You work on Excel with SpreadSheetSpace and you never have to leave it to send or get information from other users.

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